Christina Gouveia

Registered Massage Therapist
Therapeutic Breast RMT
Thai Yoga Massage

Christina Gouveia is a highly skilled massage therapist who has been practicing for 10 years. She graduated from Sutherland Chan Massage School & Teaching Clinic in 2011 and specializes in Therapeutic Breast Massage, Scar Tissue Release, and Hydrotherapy. Christina's treatment style is very personalized, and she always reassesses her patients to ensure they are achieving their goals. She is currently taking a Pain Science online course, which will help her provide even better care for her patients. In the future, she plans to get certified in Thai yoga massage, Reflexology, and manual Osteopathy.

Types of treatments Christina offers:

  • Therapeutic Breast Massage Consists of general breast/lymphatic circulation issues at any age including blocked breast milk ducts, any chest wall surgery, be it lumpectomy, breast reductions, augmentation, mastectomy, double mastectomy, reconstruction, pacemaker, heart bypass surgery scars etc.
  • Manual Scar Tissue Release Therapy By gently assessing the area, manipulating the surrounding tissue, and incorporating passive dynamic stretching - the patient doesn’t do the movements- and using hydrotherapy such as paraffin wax and heat to achieve a better treatment outcome.
  • Hydrotherapy Utilizing hot and cold modalities to increase the tissue pliability and circulation. These consist of steam towels, heating pad, paraffin wax or hot stone for point specific heat treatments. I also incorporate cryotherapy with cold towel compresses or ice cubes- massaging dynamically to reduce inflammation, swelling & edema. These are included in your treatment, at no extra charge.
  • For an extra immune system boost, a warming body wrap is delectable you’ll have to clear your schedule for the remainder of the day- it’s THAT relaxing.

For an extra immune system boost, a warming body wrap is delectable you’ll have to clear your schedule for the remainder of the day- it’s THAT relaxing.

Christina is also Hot Stone Massage certified: placement stones to pre-warm the tissue as well as massaging with the stones for that smooth, firm, melting of knots and tension sensation. Athletic Taping & Lymphatic taping TheraBand Brand certified

Her treatment style includes Moderate to deep tissue pressure, scalp massage, abdominal massage.  A KEY for anyone who sits for prolonged periods such as the “working from home posture” - dynamic passive relaxed Myofascial release, dynamic stretching techniques and trigger point release.

Christina follows all the COVID protocol guidelines from my college of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO), as advised by the Ministry of Health (MOH) and from Toronto Public Health (TPH).  She aims to make patient care her top priority, reassessing each treatment to ensure we are achieving your goals.

Currently taking a Pain Science online course consisting of cutting-edge research; On the horizon, Christina has her sights set on a Thai yoga massage certification course, Reflexology, and pursuant to her end game of becoming a manual Osteopath.

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